Our Story

Heart’s Ease Academy was founded by an educator passionate about closing the academic gap in public schools. “I saw an opportunity to create what I felt this community was missing; an early intervention program that provides fairly priced, quality childcare services. Ms. Darline Marcellin, the owner of Heart’s Ease Academy, specializes in Early Childhood Education, concentrating on children with special needs. HEA prides itself on providing an education that exceeds the average 2-4-year-old. “I have taught students who struggle with reading comprehension, numbers sense, writing literacy, and speech and language skills. I learned the best way to reduce these problem areas is to implement a plan as early as Birth. At Heart’s Ease Academy, we promote a diverse learning environment that enhances literacy skills through prayer at lunchtime, engaging lessons, and dialogue during active play. Every moment in your child’s time at Heart’s Ease Academy will be a building block towards lifelong learning. Eating foods, they seem to reject at home to share with their peers will be a teachable moment. We build cultural awareness through a pedagogy that respects and promotes individuality and community. We can assure you, your anxiety will turn into peace, and you can leave the fear behind and enhance your confidence as your child enters our “home.”

Mission Statement and Core Values

Heart’s Ease Academy mission is to provide the Highest Quality Inclusive Childcare and Educational Service that promotes a safe and positive learning environment. We encourage creativity and higher-order thinking and provide a strong foundation for lifelong learners’ continuous growth. Our Core Values are aimed towards Integrity, Respect, and Reliability. Heart’s Ease Academy philosophy is continually evolving to reflect the needs of our children, families, and the community.

Our Approach

Heart’s Ease Academy provides parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing and comfortable as home.

Organic Meals

We proudly serve low sodium, sugar-free, responsibly sourced foods. Meals are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients daily. We pride ourselves on serving your child the very best ingredients available. We believe it’s essential to eat lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables to expand the children’s palette and expose them to new experiences. Organic farmers use more sustainable and conservation-oriented farming practices. Their farming practices do not add chemicals to the soil and drinking water. We believe that children are impressionable and rapidly developing; we want to protect them from these toxins and unnecessary additives.